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God of Miracles
21 August, 2009, 6:33 pm
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This is something that I want to put on writing for a very long time, since Hillsong Conference 2009 actually…

So I was volunteering in Kids as usual and got to talking to one of the parents as she was dropping off her kid which was in my group.

I don’t know what on Earth we were talking about (which is like 90% of my conversations lol). What I do remember is as follows (P for the parent ):

P: You know what I got healed of cancer myself. I’ll show you the doctor’s letter too and everything but I didn’t bring my bible today.

So I was like yeah of course, with two kids and the tight schedule of Conference, who carries a big Bible around.

P: Oh you know what?! I did bring it!

She then proceeds to taking out an envelop from the Bible bag and handed me the letter.

I read the letter.

It was an official letter alright with medical letterheads and everything and it began with, “Dear Mrs. X, Unfortunately you have been diagnosed with cancer of the oesaphagus.”

It went on to explain the reasons that came to the conclusion and how it will spread and what medications are available for it and all the medical stuff.

The last paragraph went something like this, “Please prepare your family for the future as your husband will not have a wife in six months time and your children without their mother. Yours sincerely, Dr. X.”

I’ve never read a “Death Note” before and in my hands was one that sounds just like one if they do exist. I track backed to the date of the letter and it was March 2008. Simple mathematics put her 9 months “due”. And there she was standing right in front of me. As real as the computer screen you are reading this from and as real as the mouse you are clicking.

I was like “Wow!” You hear of miracles from like Africa and India and even China but I’ve never met someone I know personally who has been healed from a “death sentence”. She was like, “As soon as I got the news I rallied my church and we prayed and prayed and believed for healing.”

Through various visions and dreams she’s got confirmation after confirmation of her healing and she told me herself she’s never felt better in her life… 9 months past her “due date”…

Truly amazing what faith in a very real God can do I guess. But beyond that faith is a supernatural God with supernatural reasonings that we will never ever know. It’s amazing how things just ‘work’ sometimes… Truly amazing…

God bless!

P.S. On another note, apparently my grandfather is healed of nose cancer but I cannot verify this and all though; my uncle told me in an SMS. But if he really did get healed of a CONFIRMED case of cancer than PRAISE GOD! Sometimes people think Christians are humans living life “wishfully thinking” that “god” is in their midst but truth be knownst, some Christians are the most thorough and detailed and skeptical people I know… Me included…


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Wow! That is truly amazing! Praise God! He is able, and He’s a God of the impossible!

Comment by Janie Susanna

so amazing. can i post this on my page..

Comment by e

i mean put the link on my fb for peeps to read ;p

Comment by e

Janie > AMEN!!! thx for comment…

E > go for it 😀 it’s a story to be told… 😀

Comment by lomantik

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