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Optus versus 3 versus Vodafone
29 October, 2009, 6:56 pm
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So today 3 ( won.

I have stuck with Optus for so many years mainly because we had the Optus 20 minute free call time. It used to be from 8pm-8am I believe then 8pm-12am. Sok Leng and I have had many “timed” conversations where we would hang up after 20 minutes and chat again. I do that with a few other friends too but as the years passed and we’ve gone from ultra-free uni students who love to chat to busy young adults carving out our niche in the world, long conversations seem a distant past.

But I haven’t really had any problems with Optus. There was this phase where they kept calling me offering a new plan months before my previous plan ended but they just went shy on offering me the then new iPhone. That’s where I got irritated; anyone could have seen through that ploy. Lock you in for 24 months just before the darling of smartphones would be released and earn twice your money once you cannot resist the temptation to ACQUIRE the iPhone, OUTRIGHT or on a hefty plan change fee.

The iPhone was released and the calls immediately ceased. My plan was laid to rest last month. I thought it would just continue and be the same way; if it were that way; 3 wouldn’t have won me over as a new customer today.

Last month, my plan ended and subsequently, without my knowledge, Optus silently charged ALL my international SMSes, excluding them from my “plan”. Which was automatically reverted back to a “no-nonsense” plan but with the same name! I knew that my plan was ending but chose to ignore it thinking it will just be the same plan. But no, I was charged for ALL my international SMSes; which is obviously a lot being in a long distance relationship.

That was the last straw; Optus is infamous for confusing bills, workarounds and confusing plan names and “opt-out/opt-in” options instead of being defaults. So six years of loyalty to Optus has evaporated. My friend also commented few weeks back when he switched to Vodafone that loyalty to Optus didn’t mean a thing to them. The silent majority would be like what I would have been if this international SMS drama didn’t happen.

They would be happy with their plan and only change when drama happens. The noisy minority which I think Optus thinks has the “I will change my plan when I want to change my plan” mentality and “no one can stop me from doing that” is precisely that, the noisy minority. If only Optus would have awarded, acknowledged or even better REWARD our loyalty; I don’t think we would have gone the paths that we did. The iPhone plan is so much cheaper with either Vodafone or 3 (with 3 being cheaper) and Optus is seriously lagging behind this. Even its website feels so 2001.

Anyway, another thing is that both Vodafone and 3 shop assistants I visited today was more than happy to help me. Obviously, I spent more time with the guy at 3 but I remember the last time I went to Optus. They were too preoccupied to even care. But that’s the thing I guess, Vodafone just looks better in red and 3 is just young, hip and clean. To me Optus is infamously expensive, trying too hard to be perceived as “leaders” and yet use RACOONS and OSTRICHES in their ad campaigns? Confusion much?

Just look at Vodafone and Three. Do you see animals peeping out of their shop fronts? NO! They pass on their savings on to their customers! 😀

Anyway, it’s been a good 6 years with Optus. Oh yeah, forgot to mention also that their 3G has been stuffing up these past few months. It will drop out and then I would have to revert it back to 2G for a signal. I think that was also one of the main reasons I wanted to change. And deep down, I just feel Optus isn’t “cool” anymore. Their ad campaigns don’t work for me, their colours are boring and obviously their prices are too high.

I guess that’s the rundown of why I’ve chosen to switch providers. It might not be a big deal but I think a lot of people share some of the same sentiments as myself; if not all.

It’s time to buck up and target consumers where they are right now; everyone’s still trying to save and stretch their dollar; nothing in that sense has changed. And when people do want to spend more money; animals in ads don’t give the impression that you are serious. And with the fading away of the 20 minute Optus Yes time, Optus has nothing else to offer.

Hopefully everyone learns from this… Here’s to a good experience with 3 in the coming years…

God bless!


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Thanks for this Klo… I have been thinking of changing as well – just cuz the iphone offer on 3 is quite a bit better, but yar!!! I am one of those loyal optus customers and if i don’t change darrel won’t either… hmmmm.. Keep me updated on how 3 reception is ok??? I think that is the only complaint I’ve heard so far… and maybe perhaps someday soon I’d come join everyone on 3 :):):)

Comment by Nydia

NyDZ!!! 3 coverage is ok if you are in the city… which is most of the time i guess? but apparently when you enter buildings and all that it can cut off… but they put you auto-roam on to Telstra so if you don’t make calls then you should be fine…

o yeah, even if u go into the countryside for a getaway or whatever, do you really want ur phone to have reception? haha

anyhow, do let me know when you have finally ‘crossed over’ haha seems like everyone i know is jumping ship! 😀

Comment by K.Lo

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