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The Dentist!
30 October, 2009, 11:19 am
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This song popped up in my playlist just as I got back from the dentist. Don’t we have that moment sometimes? When you come back from something or are feeling something and then a song pops up and describes EXACTLY how you are feeling? Coincident much? I don’t know… Suppose a statistician would come up with the probability of that happening; I’m sure it would be small. But it happens.

Anyway, I visited Strathfield Dental Clinic today; wasn’t thinking much besides the fact that my friend, Claire’s a dentist there and I wanted to get rid of my annoying wisdom tooth for a while now. The girlfriend just had hers removed last week and besides the healing process, I figure the whole thing was do-able. 😀 I did check it when I went back sometime last year but the dentist then (a family friend) advised me not to go through with surgery because I was flying back to Sydney/Singapore in a few days time. She just advised that the area be kept clean, which I have and lately that gap has gotten tighter and tighter making cleaning harder than it used to be.

OK, so this is what I thought of wisdom tooth removal before today. Those who have gone before me have said  “I removed my wisdom tooth last week and I swelled up and bruised a little bit” and “I bit on the gauze to stop the bleeding” or words to that effect. Nobody told me that wisdom teeth can grow so near to nerves that that’s the primary reason they refer you to an oral surgeon. A normal tooth extraction is cheap but its when you get ‘upgraded’ to an oral surgeon that that’s where the costs start to soar. Cutting around bone (your teeth are attached to your jaw bones) and ‘making room’ so that they don’t severe your nerve. This nerve which usually runs down your jawline affects your lips and gum area. So another friendly dentist at Strathfield Dental Centre today told me you could lose feeling of your lips and then can’t feel an ulcer. The ulcer then turns into something serious and your gums start to go, etc etc. He was direct of course, as all doctors are, and I balked slightly, just slightly, enough to let him know, “OK, it’s time for you to say something positive”; he picked that up of course and said, “Oh, it only happens to one in a hundred thousand people” and we proceeded to change the subject.

So back to the thing, after having my X-Ray done (which lasted for 15 seconds); I could see my the x-ray of my oral orifice on an LCD screen IMMEDIATELY; I pity recent graduates of radiography; maybe you should’ve just taken a Photoshop course or design course ha! *slight balk* But anyway, I’m sure radiography goes deeper than this. 🙂

So I’ve got all four wisdom teeth and my top ones are looking OK. My bottom two ones are the problematic ones, my right one is vertically impacting and my left one hasn’t erupted yet being blocked by the maxillae next to it. Anyway, so I was focusing on my vertically impacting tooth because to me that’s obviously the ‘odd one out’ in my dento-gram but its almost touching a nerve and the dentists doesn’t seem to keen on removing it. They asked me if it was sore or anything and I just said I have a tight feeling in my teeth and they advised me to remove the top tooth instead so it won’t be pushing down on my impacting tooth. And it’s an easy job apparently. The left side is an easy job also and having that removed will probably free up my teeth a little bit.

So, the point of this blog is a lot of people going for professional help seem to know what the problem is with themselves/family/friends but post-consultation will have an outcome that might just be completely different to what they expect; especially with health and surgery-related options. The body is a complicated thing and what we think we know may not necessarily outweigh the risks in doing what you think is right. Obviously, with years these professionals have seen what their actions (and the actions of others) have come up with and I guess that’s why people tend to want second or third opinions. Professionals are trained to believe in themselves and drawing from their education and experience come up with a solution for their patients. Obviously this ‘cloud’ of experience following said professional will always be different.

I guess Claire was right when she told me last week that no one knows what to tell you until you get that x-ray done. Now its all clear and my options clear to me; I would need to weigh this out and think it over; my priorities have been changed. But then again, obviously if money (AUD4000 for oral surgeon!) and time (recovery period) were no problem, I would get what I wanted. But that’s life isn’t it? A constant triangular shaped battle of what we really want versus time versus money.

Thoughts? Comments?

God bless!


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I’ve had a wisdom tooth extracted by our very own klinik Luyang – RM1 for the x-ray, RM1 for the extraction. 🙂 (I wont go into the details on the extraction cos that will freak you out)

Comment by Cynthia Lee

So u got the tooth extracted?

Comment by JC

Cynthia > RM2!!! really? haha

JC > nope, not yet! 😀

Comment by K.Lo

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