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Avatar: A Review
22 December, 2009, 10:45 pm
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So I treated my eyes to an early Christmas present. A screening of “Avatar” in 3D. Yahoo!

No one whom I know or heard of had said that this movie was bad. Not a single person. So when a movie has such ‘rave reviews’ (noting that when someone say its good means its good and not great/perfect/excellent/unflawed/not cliche) there’s only one conclusion; that every single person has someone who they can relate to in the movie. To me, that’s the definition of a ‘good’ movie.

Sometimes people hide it by saying that the movie was great or the script was good or there was nice cinematography, but at the end of the day a ‘good’ movie is a vehicle for you to escape into a fantasy you already have pre-determined in your mind and with that live it out for the next 2 hours or so (or in Avatar’s case it was 3) & so when you finally come out of that movie mode, you say to yourself and the people around you, it’s a ‘good’ movie. Unless of course you critic movies for a living or an actor/actress/producer/cameraman/sound guy/scriptwriter/director yourself; then the technical aspects will get to you more.

But anyhow, having being paid for my movie critic-ness before, I would always love to think that I belong in the second category. Maybe because I can see through scripts and what they are trying to portray or its because too many storylines have the same cliches? I’m not sure; I might be wrong, there might be things which are meant to be as clear as daylight but to me I thought that the moviemakers might have wanted to keep it subtle or vice versa.

Anyhoo, “Avatar” was ‘good’ for me because of the very nature of the realm that you are being transported into. The visual effects of the entire movie was nothing short of amazing. There were almost no flaws. Even if it had, they gaussian blurred it and lighted away the mistakes/hard bits. I particularly loved the scene where there was sunset back lighting; it is already so difficult to do naturally and to be able to pull it off in CGI is nothing short of amazing (read painstaking and expensive).

The storyline was good and if you read into it could be a metaphor for a whole array of things. I’ve come up with one how during work you can be a completely different person then when you’re out with your say your close friends… Or you could just be WoW player; with a ‘real’ avatar in the game… Basically anything that empowers you to feel more powerful than you actually really are in real life; and believe you me, EVERY one has a ‘thing’.

I guess all in all the 3D aspect of the movie made it, excuse the pun, pop. This poor girl sitting next to me was freaking out and everything when the birds came flying out at her. Gone are the days of red and green glasses, apparently now they use polarizing filters on the glasses to achieve the same effect. It was cool though and definitely made the movie more memorable.

Watch it for the excitement, adrenaline, stunning graphics and forgive the at times predictable storyline and you will surely be left wanting for more.

4.5 out of 5 stars!

God bless!


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